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Source: Thailand Coronavirus News  Apr 25, 2021  21 days ago
Thailand Coronavirus News: Situation In Thailand Fast Escalating. Urgent Need To Focus On Herbal Protocols As Prophylactics and Treatments.
Thailand Coronavirus News: Situation In Thailand Fast Escalating. Urgent Need To Focus On Herbal Protocols As Prophylactics and Treatments.
Source: Thailand Coronavirus News  Apr 25, 2021  21 days ago
Thailand Coronavirus News: The COVID-19 situation in Thailand is fast escalating and might end up being catastrophic if nothing is done soon. As of yesterday the official number of new cases were 2,839 but disturbingly enough it has been speculated that more than 672,472 more individuals could already be infected and are being observed as reported even in the leading Thai language media; Thairath.  (how are such observations are being conducted and whether are they are being tested is questionable.) The local Thai and English media is already awashed with stories about people unable to get hospital beds, unable to get tested and unable to get treatments and people simply dying.

More urgent investigations are warranted as it is speculated (Not sure if fake news or true) that the current situation did not just arise as a result of the so called nightlife venue clusters in Thonglor and Ekamai but rather the B.1.1.7 variant has already been slowly spreading spreading since the a cluster infection that arose as a result from a couple of British travellers possibly affecting local healthcare and hotel workers in December 2020. What is also more alarming is that there are already speculations in the media industry that a number of second generation variants of the B.1.1.7 has already arose in Thailand and that this information is being deliberately suppressed.(This statements have not been substantiated with any proof but urgent detailed genomic and scientific investigations should be commenced as many local patients are manifesting symptoms not seen in those infected with the B.1.1.7 variant elsewehere in other countries especially conditions of severe diarrhea, sore throats and laryngitis, inflammed tonsils etc (typical of bacterial infections and not viral) and body pains.
There is also non-verified speculations which needs to be investigated that the B.1.617 double mutant variant is already here in Thailand and possibly involved in a cluster in Khon Khaen. (This needs to be verified before it can be deemed as real news, for th etime being it should still be regarded as fake news.)

Despite the call for more vaccines, people have to note that the vaccines have not proven to be able to stop infections and whether they will they really work on new emerging variants or second generation variants. Vaccine manufacturers claim the vaccine s do stop disease severity from happenning and also reduces mortality.

Thailand is using at the moment Favipiravir as an antiviral to treat COVID-19, a Chinese/Japanese drug that the US FDA trials have confirmed to be not effective to treat COVID-19.,-lopinavir,-ritonavir,-chloroquine-has-no-effects

There are also many questionable issues about favipiravir, a drug with harmful teratogenic effects.,-effectiveness-questionable,-lopinavir-ritonavir,-hydroxychloroquine-

In a fact check document, it was stated that favipiravir could cause severe possible side effects including anaphylactic shock and pneumonia.

Thailand is a country full of natural herbs, doctors and medical professionals, herbalists and even ordinary individuals should explore its use in the current pandemic but with caution and also with doctors supervision before taking any herbs. Herbs if used wrongly can cause serious adverse health effects. It is also a fallacy to assume that all herbs are safe.

Since the first SARS breakout in 2003, it has been suggested that licorice root could help a possible treatment.

Currently the Thai health authorities are promoting andrographis paniculata

However the prescribed dosing warrants more attention as local Thai studies already indicated of the possible adverse effects of the herb at such levels that are currently being prescribed ie 180 mg a day.

Furthermore studies have already shown that single antiviral use against the SARS-CoV-2 virus is not effective with possibility of resistance developing and also it could backfire on the immune system itself.

However a better solution would be to use a combo approach of attacking the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Northern Thai Herbs , a small boutique herbal entity that is run by non-medical staff has been exploring the usage of multiple herbs and phytochemicals as a possible prophylactic and treatment adjuvant for COVID-19.

The company is not making any claims on the teas nor it is yet selling the teas but based on studies or individual herbs used that have been published, the teas seem like a good candidate that local doctors, health authorities, research institutes and the government should be looking at to investigate the possible efficacy.

These Therapeutic Teas is a range of herbal teas that is using not just processed herbs but also phytochemicals and plant RNAs as a possible line of natural therapeutics for the COVID-19 pandemic.
The inspiration of the Therapeutic Teas came from the Traditional Chinese Medicine formulations that were used in China to treat COVID-19 alone or as an adjuvant with other protocols.
However, the team had gone one step further in specifically isolating the key phytochemicals from these herbs and increasing their potency in a safe manner.
Further inspirations came from the observations that many East Asians and also populations from the Indo-Chinese regions of Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia seems genetically protected from the severity of the COVID-19 disease. Certain genetic variants found in East Asians were found to be advantageous.
Plant miRNAs can also substitute that role when critical miRNAs are under expressed.
The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has been shown to downregulate the FOXP3 genes that affects the proper workings of the immune system.
However plant miRNAs can actually help to regulate and activate and even sustain the workings of these genes against the coronavirus. Past studies have already shown how plant miRNAs can actually help various of these FOXP3 genes.
In cases of overexpression or being expressed at the wrong time, phytochemicals can act as modulators.
Carefully studying the dietary habits of the local inhabitants there and also the variety of herbs used in these regions and the similarities and strains of herbs from those in China, the team initially isolated around 53 different herbs before going into detail analysis of each and their existing studies and data available on each. They  also included a few herbs from India, Africa  And South America based on their already known efficacies and then worked with researchers around the world to shortlist candidates based on computational silico molecular docking studies of the identified phytochemicals in these herbs and the s (spike) proteins and n proteins of the SARS-CoV-2 genome.The current formulation being explored uses herbs and phytochemicals form a total of about 20 plants.
For certain of the herbs, vitro studies had already demonstrated their efficacy against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and most of the herbs already have supporting medical studies on their effectiveness as antivirals against certain other viruses, their anti-inflammatory properties, their analgesic and even anti-pyretic and natural but safe anti-clotting properties. Some of these phytochemicals can also act as immunomudulators to maintain proper homeostasis in the immune system without sacrificing anti-pathogenic functions.
The team also focused on the prophylactic aspects of these carefully selected herbs and also looked at a very interesting area of epigenetic effects of these herbs that can help enhance an individual’s response to such pathogens.
Hence it should be noted that in the case of being a prophylactic, the phytochemicals act by increasing the potency of the immune system by arming the relevant players from the B cells to the co factors affecting the efficiency of the T Cells and also the relevant cytokines etc. Various animal studies have already showed that phytochemicals are able to enhance not only the innate immune system but also the mucosal immune system.
It should be noted that certain phytochemicals are able to act as immumodulators and act on the immune system such that it suppresses mTOR pathway signaling activity while upregulating T CD4+ regulatory cells , equipping the immune system into a proper standby prophylactic mode.
The herbs and phytochemicals in the first blend of the teas work by:
1.-acting as antivirals to target the various viral proteases or CoV Mpro; also known as 3CL protease or 3CLpro and PLproto disrupt replication.
Some of these phytochemicals that we are using from the herbs also have dual roles as Cathepsin Inhibitors.
Hence their combined inhibitory potency makes then better and effective antivirals when many others have failed despite impressive in vitro studies.
Also we are using plant miRNAs to also act as antivirals, which is a totally new approach altogether.
2.-many of the herbs and phytochemicals used also have antipyretic and analgesic properties, anti-inflammatory properties and antihistamic properties, hence for those infected and displaying symptoms of fever, pain or even coughs, the teas will provide immediate relief. The anti-inflammatory properties also inhibits the progression of the disease into severe conditions as the various ‘cytokine storms’  pathways and even bradykinin pathways are suppressed.
In studies, it has been shown that herbs and phytochemicals like quercetin, green tea, N-acetylcysteine (NAC), and curcumin can actually inhibit HMGB1, and this is the strategy we use to downregulate HMGB1 through the resulting epigenetic changes.
The herbs that we are using some whole and in most cases only the irrelevant identified phytochemicals or plant miRNAs are :
1.Honey Suckle
2. Licorice
3. Nigella Sativa
4. Angelica Archangelica
5. Green Tea,-catechins-and-myricetins-as-potential-antivirals-against-sars-c
6. Broom Creeper
7. Lemon Grass
8. Cats Claw
9. Self- Heal
10. Wormwood,-artemisia-annua-and-ashwagandha-as-possible-adjuvant-drugs-for-covid-19
11. Kumquats
12. Pink Strobilanthes
13. Roiboos
14. Pomegranate,-gallic-acid,-punicalagin-and-punicalin-extracted-from-pomegranate-peels-could-inhibit-sars-cov-2-virus
17. Japanese Wasabi
18. Curcumin
19. Ashwagandha,-artemisia-annua-and-ashwagandha-as-possible-adjuvant-drugs-for-covid-19
20. Echinacea
22. Neem
23. Graviola
24. Nutgall Tree!divAbstract
25. Hibiscus
26. Fingerroot
27. Galangal
28. Ginger,respiratory%20syncytial%20virus%20(HRSV).
29. Soyabean
30. Staranise
32. Andrographis paniculata
33. Red Clover
34.Red Spider Lily
35.White Willow Bark
37. Holy Basil
38. Cat's whiskers (Orthosiphon stamineus Benth)
39. Lemon Balm
40. Cinnamon
This unique manner of using a variety of safe bioactive chemicals ensures that no resistant strains can emerge coupled with the fact there are multiple agents attacking various vulnerable aspects of the virus at a single time, thus making it far potent.
All the herbs have been pre-treated in proprietary methods to even remove certain phytochemicals that are labeled as anti-nutrients and can cause issues with individuals such as phytic acid or to convert the phytochemicals from their raw forms into a more therapeutic forms, for example converting genistin to genistein  or daidzin to daidzein. Any traces of fungal spores and components are also removed through our proprietary processes along with other toxic alkaloids. (note that in our studies we uncovered many herbal brands of products simply use ground dried version of the herbs in encapsulated forms or as teas without first properly processing these herbs, hence many of these products could be actually doing more harm than good for instance traces of carcinogenic fungal spores were found in many brands of herbal capsules in Asia and even in US along with toxic alkaloids.)
 The pre-treating processes have also been done in such a way so that upon immersing the herbs in hot water between 85 to 98 degrees Celsius, for not more than 8 minutes, all the relevant phytochemicals would be released in the water for consumption.
The teas were also formulated based on various past studies and to ensure no long term side reactions from the usage of these herbs. The teas are totally safe proof without the capability of causing any side effects even if a person has any underlying chronic conditions but is yet potent enough to achieve the expected therapeutic results. (Individuals are requested to abide by the set consumption limits off course.)
The teas include a tester that has a higher dose of certain phytochemicals and should a person not be able to tolerate the teas or develop adverse effects, they are required to stop taking the teas.
The teas have not been approved by the local Thai FDA nor by any regulatory body yet and are not for sale yet.
The teas have been sent out to various individuals and entities around the world under simply in informal observational exercises.
We need research instituitions to help to analyze these teas for us and also to conduct vitro and randomized trials as soon as possible.
We have to date give out thousands of these tea sets for free and will still continue to do so as we are observing positive effects form the teas usage and should anyone want the teas, simply drop us an email. Any research or government entity willing to help us explore the efficacy of these herbs are welcome to huge amounts of these teas for free but we strictly advise to use it only after consulting a doctor with knowledge about herbs and not those that simply dismiss all herbs and supplements. Also if you have any underlying health conditions etc you must verify possible usage with a doctor first.
The teas are done in a safe formulation. Anybody with feedback about the formulation is required to send us an email. We will be creating an open platform section on the teas on this website seeking professional opinions on the teas soon.

Note that the teas are merely in experimental stages and detailed research is still needed and it is hoped that more government authrorities help in the research. No one should attempt to take any herbs as a COVID-19 cure without consulting a doctor first.

For more on herbs and COVID-19, keep on logging to Thailand Medical News.(please note that the writer of this article is a non-medical doctor and a 3rd year University (Biochemistry)  drop out but who has been studying herbs and phytochemicals for the last 10 years and also been looking at the COVID-19 crisis with great detail.)


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