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Medical Devices
Keep up to date with all the new Medical Devices developed and approved ,read about all the latest trends in the Medical Gadgets and Medical IT industry.
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Source: SOAMVAC  Jul 02, 2018
Some post-surgical wounds, including following abdominal surgeries and mastectomies, may require suction drainage to prevent post operative complications due to edema and fluid collections. Suction bulbs have been common for the past few decades, since they don’t require external power and are very simple in design. New technologies can significantly improve this, as batteries have become mo...
Source: Neural Analytics  Jul 01, 2018
Neural Analytics, the Los Angeles based company that won FDA clearance a couple of years ago for its Lucid M1 Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound System, now won another clearance, this time for its NeuralBot robotic ultrasound positioner. The two devices work together and when united will be called the Lucid Robotic System.   The NeuralBot automatically positions the ultrasound probe,...